Abandoned Vermont: Sap Shack

Continuing on a journey across Vermont Route 107, friends and I came across this abandoned building and advertisement. It reads: “M Thompson and Sons / Sap Shack / Maple Syrup for Sale.” 

Route 107 Sap Shack

Still visible before spring leaves are in full bloom.

Rear of the sap shack building.

You can also call a “sap shack” a “sugar shack”  or “sugar house.” Sugar houses remain common on the Vermont landscape.  The gable roof, the sheet metal roof, the ventilator, and the (possible) woodshed on the rear of the building are indicative of a sugar house. To read about Vermont agricultural buildings and their significance, read the Multiple Property Document Form – Agricultural Resources of Vermont. Sugar houses are on page F-102 (or 151 according to adobe PDF).

Regarding this particular sugar house, all that turned up in a search was a 2008 photo of the building – abandoned then, too.

6 thoughts on “Abandoned Vermont: Sap Shack

  1. Po' Girl Shines says:

    I would really like to take pictures in Michigan in the Irish Hills area. It is almost a ghost town now, but was a real tourist magnet back in the 50’s & 60’s, before virtual worlds! There are still some very retro leftovers. I think Mystery Hill is still open.

  2. Alaina Hanning says:

    This sap shack belongs to my great grandmother, Eloise Thompson. She lives right across the road in a blue house, as did my great grandfather (Maurice Thompson) before passing away in 1999. It was a family owned business that my great grandfather ran with his sons, hence the name Thompson and sons. I’ve been told from family that they stopped doing business once he passed away. I wish I could have seen what it was like when it was functioning. Me and my mom have been inside before, lots of old sap buckets. Also, the old white house that is right next to the sap shack was built by my great grandfather for his brother since he didn’t have a place to live, he has since passed away as well. I hope you found some value in this information, also I think it’s really cool to see these pictures up online 🙂 Thanks

  3. Todd says:

    Wow – thanks for this! I grew up near there and remember this from when I was there in the late 80’s. What a trip.

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