Flamingo on Flickr

You may have noticed that there is now a Flickr widget on the sidebar (scroll down a bit if you can’t see it) on Preservation in Pink. Originally, I planned to jump on the Flick bandwagon and share pictures of beautiful architecture and scenic landscape as I was on the go (oh, the wonders of a smart phone — I’m new to that bandwagon, too). However, try as hard as I might, and my phone photography skills are no match for an actual camera.

Before I could stop myself, my new little flamingo was appearing in lots of pictures. Added encouragement from others, who shall remain nameless, and I decided that Flickr would likely be an outlet for flamingo pictures. Consider the traveling gnome… only I have a cute, fluffy traveling flamingo.

Traveling flaming.

His name? Mr. Stilts. (I cannot take credit for the name. Thanks go to Brennan.) Also, a big thank you to my sister Erin who gave me the flamingo for my birthday.

Check out the sidebar and Flickr every so often and you’re sure to find architecture and landscape – with a fluffy flamingo jumping in the way. Pardon my inexperience with Flickr tabs and what not – I’ll get there.