Abandoned Vermont: Log Cabin Motel

Sitting on the side of VT Route 107, just outside Stockbridge, VT

Log Cabin Motel sign on the westbound side of Route 107 -- the "motel" writing has faded / been removed.

Ah, that's why they call it the Log Cabin Motel. Classic.

Log Cabin Motel.

This part didn't look too much like a log cabin, however.

I cannot find any information on this motel — how long it’s been abandoned or even any old contact information about it.


16 thoughts on “Abandoned Vermont: Log Cabin Motel

  1. Richie says:

    Used to stay there frequently in the late 80s.The owners name was Dan,cant recall his last name .Used to go fishing and tubing down the white river.There used to be a tavern across the street called the 107.Sad to see this in this state .Had a lot of good times there

  2. Marie S. says:

    My grandparents owned this motel until sometime in 1980. My grandfather passed away suddenly and my grandmother became ill shortly thereafter with a special needs child at home. She had to walk away from the place. She left it with in the care of some friends of hers when she moved back to Massachusetts to be with family. I spent many summers there helping my grandmother clean the rooms. I am sad to see that it has been abandoned.

    • marie S says:

      Hi Marie S. I remember little Regina and her wonderful greeting, my 2 sons, and my additional little girl and i would go there often, loved your grandparents and little Regina, Sometimes I would drop Regina off at a friends or relatives not sure down the road at the farm house. I remember when your grandmother told me of the loss, it was very sad, then a couple from CT bought it, or was lead to believe that. Have wondered about that wonderful little spot, it was comforting at any season. If you know what happened to it after that, I truly would like to know. My initials are Marie S too.

      • Jessica Taylor says:

        The couple from CT who bought it was my parents when I was a child. I have a few beautiful memories of that place!

    • Marie S says:

      I remember Regina, she was a darling and greated us with such perfection on each of our stay’s that were many. Apparently there was another gentleman that always requested a room to the furthest end and we were as a rule next to him even though we never met. Was always worried that my boy’s made to much noizey, but I think he was the person behind my boy’s finding a sling shot under each bed. They wanted one so badly. I was never able to find out who he was to thank him. Told the boy’s it given to them because they were good boy’s, from a special Angel.

  3. Marie Thompson Hart says:

    My friend and her Mother use to live there.There name was Manning.I use to stay in the house with them Great memories .It was owned to John George Eddie. He lived in Pittsfield.

  4. Al says:

    I stayed there one night in February 1988 — had to turn off I-89 due to snow. The restaurant was very rustic like a hunting lodge with antlers, etc.

  5. Chris says:

    I am the current owner, it’s not going anywhere yet but the motel is completely in disrepair. As for the log cabin we have plans to rebuild it but being a college student funding is limited. Interesting thread and I’m glad I stumbled upon it.

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