Abandoned Vermont: Log Cabin Motel

Sitting on the side of VT Route 107, just outside Stockbridge, VT

Log Cabin Motel sign on the westbound side of Route 107 -- the "motel" writing has faded / been removed.

Ah, that's why they call it the Log Cabin Motel. Classic.

Log Cabin Motel.

This part didn't look too much like a log cabin, however.

I cannot find any information on this motel — how long it’s been abandoned or even any old contact information about it.


New Series: Abandoned Vermont

Today launches a new series of posts at Preservation in Pink: “Abandoned Vermont.” The first in the series will be published this morning. You’ll notice that the menu bar at the top of the page (below the PiP logo) now has an “Abandoned Vermont” option. Click it to read about the series and to find the index to the posts.


If you have suggestions of locations to be included or would like to share your own Abandoned Vermont photographs, you are more than welcome. Consider it an open invitation.