Another Roadside Quiz: New or Not?

What do you think of this one from Jericho, VT?


4 thoughts on “Another Roadside Quiz: New or Not?

    • Kaitlin says:

      Right, just the house. It is indeed a good reproduction, but not quite good enough. Something about it is off — and it’s not historic. At least, it’s not on the historic maps or in the 1970s/80s historic sites survey of Vermont.

      I think a house that should be as old as that house is trying to look would have a smaller massing (the scale just looks off if you stare at it long enough), not a circular window & a central chimney.

      • henriettahobsonrichardson says:

        So I totally just realized that I could zoom in… I’m so smart…
        You’re right about the massing… the windows in proportion the the rest of the house look too small (and too few?) and the knee wall is also way too high… I could buy that maybe they took the central chimney out at a later date but over-all it does seem off in general proportions.
        Thanks for sharing these little snippets I hardly ever get out of the office so it’s nice to see the outside world.

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