Drive-by Survey Quiz

Located on Route 22A in Bridport, VT.

Nice house, right?

I love to drive, even if I’m driving alone, but the downside is that the level of sight-seeing is less than if I were passenger (generally speaking; I suppose it could just be a different perspective). So, as I’ve passed this house from time to time, I’ve thought a variety of things (please don’t judge me based on my split second drive-by thoughts):

Ooh, cute house.

Nice house.

Central chimney. Pedimented windows. Wood shingle roof.

Something looks different about it.

It’s too perfect.

Is that new construction? It’s a good imitation of historic. It’s going for connected architecture, I guess.

Clearly a new garage.

One of these days I’ve got to take a picture.

It must have a nice view.

Finally, earlier this week, I stopped on the side of the road to take a picture (and my car was greeted by a large German shepherd…oh the perils of roadside photography). Since I wasn’t just driving by, I could actually look at the house, in all of its confusing manner.

New or historic? Where are the front steps?


Aside from the too-perfectness, what gives it away?

Click on the picture and zoom in. Check out the foundation. It’s poured concrete; a concrete slab. A historic house with a massive central chimney would not have a poured foundation — among other things.

Bridport, VT.

What do you think?

Do you agree? What would you say about this house?

Is it an example of new construction to blend in with surrounding historic homes? Or is it too confusing? Maybe you can spot the obvious new characteristics right away, but I have to admit that this house perplexes me more than others.