North Country Blizzard

Our cars are buried; the sidewalks have disappeared; the entire state has shut down for the day; the city is quiet and white; over two feet of snow has blanketed northern New York and Vermont. The world is beautiful.


Snowy garage window, just barely above the snowdrifts, March 7, 2011.


The problem of living on a small city lot with a large driveway that abuts the house and the neighbors’ property line: what do we do with all of the snow? Where does it go? We are running out room! It’s getting ridiculous. The snow has no other place but against the house. It pains me to have to shovel all of that snow against our foundation, practically up to the windows. Those rising temperatures worry me: will the house leak? To those of you who live on small lots in cities or towns, where do you put all of your snow? Advice from experienced folks living in snow country is much appreciated. At least this storm blew much of the snow off the roof!

Otherwise, happy snowfall to my fellow northerners!