Preservation Photos #60

Jimmo's Motel on Route 7 in North Ferrisburgh, VT - recently for sale and sold -- at least the for sale sign is gone. This sign has since disappeared. Not quite picturesque roadside America, but still a vernacular motel, a piece of Vermont roadside history soon to be missing.


One thought on “Preservation Photos #60

  1. LongTimeSummerResident says:

    Nine years later, and Jimmo’s motel is still there, albeit deteriorating. Across the street, where a Mobil gas station/Short Stop convenience store now stands, is where Jimmo used to operate a little store (now razed). I’m told, but cannot confirm, that this particular convenience store is the most profitable of a local chain and that the owners of the existing convenience store purchased Jimmo’s motel to prevent any competition from moving in, but have no plans to develop the lot.

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