Preservation Photos #57

Let's get back to playgrounds. This slide was manufactured by Recreation Equipment Corp. Note the pedestal supporting the slide. It is located in Ripton, Vermont.

Anyone have an idea on the date? I’ll have to search the patents.


2 thoughts on “Preservation Photos #57

  1. Sabra Smith says:

    Reminds me of the slide we had long ago at a 2-room schoolhouse in Cape Neddick, Maine. I remember feeling like I was climbing to the sky going up the ladder, and that the ride down was long and thrilling. These days I’m sure it would be deemed much too dangerous — along with the merry-go-round (you run and jump on as it spins) we had. Mind you, I did get a huge splinter from that one fall day. First grade teacher was too intimidated to pull it out of my thigh and called second grade teacher out into the hall to assist. No lawsuits resulted. Ah, simpler days.

    BTW, the building and playground have vanished from the landscape now.

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