Kitten Edition

Actually, Izzy is no longer a kitten (as she was in her antics here, here, and here); her birthday was in September. She still loves me most of all when I have homework to do. Man, is she going to be bummed when I graduate in December.

She's very serious.

And she's absolutely adorable as she's lounging on my homework.

More Izzy-as-a-cat photos coming soon!

Friday Links

Happy mid-October! It’s a beautiful season of orange, red, and yellow up here in Vermont. I keep thinking this state just can’t get any more beautiful and then it does (I’m ignoring the rainy, cold weather today, though it is rather calming.)

Gazing over Lake Champlain to the Adirondack Mountains from Chimney Point, VT.

Friday Links hasn’t been around lately, so here are some I’ve seen over the past few weeks. Enjoy!

Have you thought about the extraordinary role women have played in Historic Preservation, far beyond “LOLITaS” or little old ladies in tennis shoes? Sabra Smith explains the term and delves much deeper into the subject. Be sure to check out the links on the post and in the comments for some great sources to projects about the history of preservation.

Still loving playgrounds? Of course. Have you ever wanted to design a playground or thought you had a much better idea for one? Well, here is your chance! Anyone and everyone is invited to participate in this contest, “Play For All.” (Found via the Playscapes blog — one of my favorite. Check out this awesome featured playground. To my sisters – who wants it in the backyard? Mom would love it!)

Do you love maps? Blankets? Sense of place? These map quilts may be absolutely perfect for you.

Another fashion-preservation related post, this one by Sabra Smith, who provided entertainment and education all in one! (See the comments — I’m not sure if I feel uncultured or just like a baby, haha. Thanks for the lessons, Sabra!)

Do you keep journals of your road trips or make scrapbooks? You should, because in 83 years, it might make the news like this 1927 journal and be an important treasure to us roadies or at least to your generations of grandchildren.

An early Ford Model T Factory needs help to become a museum. Support your American car companies! It’s a part of the National Trust Community Challenge contest.

Are you heading to the National Trust Conference in Austin, TX at the end of the month?

Talk about living and eating locally. This Burlington (VT) Free Press reporter is going to live off a CSA Farm Share for one year and blog about it. She sounds awesome and brave.

A scene on VT Route 22A -- I love that house.

Enjoy the weekend, whether you are pumpkin picking, apple picking, out and about, or stuck inside doing homework!