Friday Links

Happy Friday! In case there is a rain cloud heading your way, here are some fun links to check out:

Want some information about greening your home? Head over to the Virginia Preservation Toolkit and the Interactive Preservation House where you can click on windows, doors, walls, etc. to learn what you can do to improve the energy efficiency in your home. (Thanks to Missy for sending it along!)

Isn’t sprawl way more noticeable in the summer when you’re road tripping and just to see scenic America? I think it is. Is sprawl increasing since 1980? Do we have too much stuff?  It’s a good time to speak up — head over to Time Tells by Vince Michael (of the NTHP) and share your comments on his Retail Sprawl post.

PreservationNation has had some great posts lately, which warrant response thoughts here (coming soon). Talk about sustainable communities and turning young adults into preservationists.

Love Monticello? Thomas Jefferson? Heirloom gardens? Historic landscapes? Visit Vintage Food, Fresh Wine to read about part of Jen’s experience at the Historic Landscape Institute.

Ever heard of the neighborhood Preservation Park in Oakland, CA? Love the name. Interesting — requires more reading before I make up my mind.

Have a great weekend! The flamingos are flocking to Virginia for yet another wedding!!

Your car wants one too.