Weddings at Historic Sites

Thank goodness it’s summer, which means a few months without homework! And it’s wedding season.┬áSome of the most important considerations in choosing a ceremony/reception location (to me) are: 1) that it’s historic, 2) that it’s not a typical sit-eat-dance ballroom setting, 3) that it’s in beautiful Vermont – or where you’d want to get married, 4) that it’s not too far away so we can actually meet with the necessary vendors, etc. for planning, 5) that poor weather will not ruin anything, and of course 6) that it’s within our budget. Maybe it’s because I’m letting the preservationist in me take over (okay, and the budget), but most places just do not fit with everyone.

So, fellow preservationists and those attached to preservationists, how did you go about choosing a wedding location? Did it have to be historic? Did you make sure to choose a venue that is part of a non-profit? What restrictions did you have? Or, did a historic venue not matter for your wedding? I did not spend my childhood dreaming of my fairytale wedding; I must have started once I uncovered my love of historic preservation. And thus, I am finding the task of choosing the perfect place to be very difficult, even with the beautiful inns and barns throughout the state.

Well I bring up this atypical subject on PiP to ask for advice from fellow wedding planner preservationists. And just for some fun stories about planning, venues, decisions, and the actual day. How did preservation fit into your wedding? Please share; I’d love to hear. Or, what would you do? Plan a summer wedding.

Of course, flamingos will be involved in our wedding.