Gold in Them Thar Hills: Part Two

SIA 2010 Overview. Part One.

In order to not overwhelm one post with images, there will be three (or four) posts about Gold in Them Thar Hills.

After leaving the Mollie Kathleen Mine, our tour group headed to the Cripple Creek & Victor Narrow Gauge Railroad. The train departed from a historic depot for a four mile round trip to the ghost town of Anaconda, CO. Along the way the train stopped to allow us to gaze at the mountain scenery and experience Echo Valley. Enjoy this flood of images!

Historic depot at the Cripple Creek & Victor Railroad, the former depot of Anaconda.

Leaving Cripple Creek.

Such fun on the steam engine!

View from the train.

Just how many miles is that? Echo Valley.

Ghost town across the way!

The blacksmith shop in Anaconda; it is one of the few buildings that survived a fire.

Highway 67.

On our way back to Cripple Creek.

A water tank next to the train. The steam engine needed a water source!

A better view.

I thoroughly enjoyed this forty minute train ride; what perfect weather!