A Dog & A Solar Panel

Every day is Earth Day! A photo from reader and fellow preservationist, Jen:

Jen says, “I don’t know if it is entirely preservation related, but this is a picture from when we lived in our camper in Colorado. Bomber is sitting on a solar panel, which we hooked up to our parked camper. It is a reminder that we can live with a lot less. We lived like this for almost six months and I’d do it again!”

2 thoughts on “A Dog & A Solar Panel

  1. Sarah says:

    its preservation and conservation kate. I feel as though they go hand in hand, we need to preserve the earth through conservation. Hence why we need to think of a project that we can both work on.

  2. jenhallie says:

    Thanks, Sarah…Since it is my dog,and I’m a preservationist…and my husband is an alternative energy guy, I think all conservation goes hand in hand, as well. Isn’t preservation the ultimate in re-use?

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