Preservation Photos #16

The haunted Gimghoul Castle (originally Hippol Castle) in Chapel Hill, North Carolina.

Click on the image to read the ghost story.

Thanks to Maria Gissendanner for sending the photograph and the link.


3 thoughts on “Preservation Photos #16

  1. Nicholas says:

    I see Weaver’s “Conserving Buildings” – that book is worth every penny!

    Side note to how this quarter is going at Belmont Tech: already in our fourth week and some of us are already feeling a little burned out. Projects include bracket reconstructions, epoxy & dutchman repairs, parquetry flooring, small-scale reconstruction of an historic building style (I’m focusing on braced frame in Tidewater, VA), building facade design, an historic structures report, and a national register nomination!

    part of our fault could be for signing up for so many classes, but a few of us are pushing for the year-long track. And it wouldn’t be so draining if we weren’t simultaneously dealing with winter, jobs, and the fact that we have to work on most of our projects at school (not having access to the tools at home).

    But still, loving every minute of it! Like you said – even through the challenges we can find joy when dealing with preservation. The challenges are the subtance of our work!

  2. Jennifer Kirby says:

    Gimghoul Castle, yay! Did I ever tell you about the time my dad and his college friends tried to crash some supposedly top-secret party there? I’m fuzzy on the details, but I’m sure he’d love to provide them.

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