Approaching the End

(of the semester, I mean). Yes, it’s the Christmas season and I am counting down days until I can watch Christmas movies and decorate and bake cookies or build a gingerbread house (perhaps from The Gingerbread Architect)  without worrying about papers and presentations. It must be the same for all students; as a historic preservation student, I have never known anything different. On the upside, writing something like a 20 page paper allows me the energy and space to know and love my subject (the Lake Champlain Bridge for me).  Seeing my months of hard work come together at the end of semester is always a wonderful feeling. Now if only Burlington, Vermont would see some snow…

One other guarantee this time of year is that I drink much more coffee than I already do. Fellow grad students everywhere, what about you? How do you feel towards the end of your semester? What have your projects been this semester?  Good luck and enjoy your coffee. I recommend the Vermont Coffee Company, dark roast.

Nothing better than a cup of dark, bold, strong coffee from freshly ground coffee beans to help with the last stretch of the semester's assignments.

Preservation in Pink readers, what is your favorite coffee?