Preservation Photos #1

The series begins with an architectural detail of my favorite building on the UVM campus: Billings Library designed by architect Henry Hobson Richardson.  (Click for a larger image.)

Billings Library, UVM, architect Henry Hobson Richardson.

Billings Library, UVM, architect Henry Hobson Richardson.

Preservation Photos

Preservation in Pink is introducing a new weekly series: Preservation Photos. Every Tuesday, expect a historic preservation related photograph. Perhaps a building, a landscape shot, an architectural detail, field work scenes, graduate school studies, scenes of Burlington, and probably many more. You, preservationists, know just how far a tangent can go.

There are a few reasons for this new series. First, since I find myself in new surroundings constantly and I have yet to be unimpressed by Vermont, I like to take pictures everywhere. Second, most of my preservation projects require accompanying photographs. We have an interesting batch of projects, research, and field work to share. Third, with the stacks of books to read and the projects beginning to snowball, sometimes it is nice to just have a photograph at which to gaze rather than blocks of text.

Enjoy the indefinite series and please, feel free to contribute.