On an Ohio Barn

I was so shocked to see this on a barn for all to see. We had to turn the car around to take a picture!

Seen near East Harbor State Park, Ohio

Seen near East Harbor State Park, Ohio

*Note, I don’t endorse chewing tobacco, but I do love barn signs.


3 thoughts on “On an Ohio Barn

  1. Maria says:

    They are all over rural Ohio (and Kentucky) just wait you’ll see lots more! And its all for Mail Pouch Tobacco

  2. Sally Stephens says:

    I’ve seen these painted on many a barn side throughout Pennsylvania and West Virginia as well. I know some of them are old, I don’t even know if Mail Pouch is still an existing company. I find all the ads painted on barn roofs and sides very interesting…some bizarre, most just interesting. You should make it a road game–one point for every Mail Pouch!!

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