First Friday, et al.

A few quick notes on this Friday in June:

1. Since it is the “first” Friday in June, it’s possible that your town has a “First Friday” event. Sometimes it’s an art events, sometimes it’s more like a block party. The event depends on your town. In Southern Pines, First Friday is a fun town gathering with food, kids’ games, and a band playing. Today there is a band and a storyteller.  These events are held May-October (5pm – 8pm) and serve as a way to get the community out and together and interacting with local businesses.

To quote the website, “The “First Friday” series is designed as such to invigorate and augment the many things about Southern Pines that make it such a wonderful place to live and do business. The goal of this event is to increase awareness of these points and foster relationships within the community in a setting of relaxation, fun and togetherness.”

Sounds good, right? To find out if your town has a First Friday, check your local newspaper or just search on the web for “first friday” and your town’s name. 

2. Preservation in Pink, June 2009 will be published next week! 

3. If you haven’t been reading the Tuesday/Thursday post series by Brad Hatch and Lauren McMillan, be sure to do so. Brad and Lauren offer great stories, insights, and thoughts tied deep to archaeology and preservation. Brad’s posts are about trips that he and Lauren take, hence “Preservacation” and Lauren is writing about her field school experience this summer.  If they inspire you to start a blogging series, let me know!

4. I love flamingos, whatever their shade of pink.

African Lesser Flamingo in Honolulu, Hawaii. Photograph courtesy of Ellen Detlefsen.

African Lesser Flamingo in Honolulu, Hawaii, March 2009. Photograph courtesy of Ellen Detlefsen.


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