Save Money, Live Better.

I have a new Wal-Mart pet peeve that I’ve been meaning to mention for a while: the new commercials. I am referring to the commericals that tout “Save Money, Live Better” and no longer feature the annoying smiley face kicking down price signs. Now it has a pretty yellow flower on a softer blue background. (Granted, this is also because Wal-Mart failed to trademark the smiley face).  Instead, customers are talking about how Wal-Mart helps them save money and time, which then equates to more family time and a better quality of life.  There is even a Save Money, Live Better website. Apparently, this has been a campaign for a while now and I’ve somehow missed all of the commercials. But, blogs and news articles are talking about this campaign as Wal-Mart’s mid-life crisis and Wal-Marts attempt to change its image (which is quite often associated with the closing of local businesses).

Wal-Mart's infamous smiley face.

Wal-Mart's infamous smiley face.


The new Wal-Mart logo and catch phrase. Note that it is also now "Walmart" not "Wal-Mart".

These commercials are a brilliant ad campaign that drive me mad!  I can’t even watch the commercials without snarling at the television. Wal-Mart is still Wal-Mart, and everyone knows that. But, advertising is a powerful business and that is why the commercials make me so mad. I’m afraid that more people will shop at Wal-Mart because of these commercials, or they will no longer feel bad about shopping at Wal-Mart. Maybe someday Wal-Mart will change, but I wouldn’t bet anything on it. For now, they are changing their image. But, an image is only a facade.  I have a feeling I’ll despise these commercials for a long time.

Is anyone else bothered by this campaign?

“Save money. Live better”? Or not.

8 thoughts on “Save Money, Live Better.

  1. jennifer says:

    I hate this campaign too, but like you, I’m not exactly neutral toward Wal-Mart/Walmart. After I read “The Wal-Mart Effect,” every time I saw the stupid smiley face cutting prices, I pictured people’s jobs getting chopped.

  2. Maria says:

    I completely agree! Its much more convenient for me to walk to the local store than it does to drive all the way out to the outter burbs where those stores are located so not really saving any time or money and its bad for the enviroment. But they do make themselves look pretty good with the new commercials, guess commercials are just like books though, never judge them by their “cover”

  3. Bob Dehn says:

    I was just getting to the point where I would got to Walmart if I couldn’t find it and Freddie’s, Lowes, Target, etc. No I see that Walmart SUPPORTS OBAMA CARE!!! None of my money is going to Walmart from this day forth.

    Bob Dehn

  4. retrop says:

    Advertising does not necessarily have to be true. In fact, in the truest sense, it seldom is. Advertising is nothing more than word spin. It can be fact or fiction. In today’s world, it is usually not the “whole truth, and noting but the truth”. Watching a Walmart ad on tv, or anyone elses ad is a lesson in circular logic. According to the Ad Man’s logic, the more times you hear a companies name in an artificial light, you will be overcome with a warm, fuzzy feeling which will drive you to their nearest location and immediately start to unload your wallet or purse.
    Nothing makes me want to puke quicker than having a woman’s face splash on the screen while she smiles warmly and tells me that nothing gives her more satisfaction than to be able to shop at Walmart for all her families food and merchandise needs. “The less time I spend in shopping, the more time I have to spend with my wonderful husband and extra wonderful children”.
    A croc. I tune them all out.

  5. Brittany says:

    I love Walmart it is my favorite store! But it will always be Wal-mart and/or Walmart no matter what. I liked the Smiley face and the stickers too. Now their stickers are the sun/flower thingie. And I like all of their commercials. The smiley face was not annoying. I do like both of their slogans Always Low Prices. and Save money. Live better. it doesnt matter to me. But i dont like how they are remodeling walmarts. they’re like green now with the new name. i wanted it to stay wal-mart with the star. but oh well what can you do?

  6. AJ Mesalic says:

    I think their brand campaign is brilliant. It highlights exactly why Walmart is beneficial to the lives of us consumers.

    Regarding the loss of jobs, candlemakers fought like hell against the light bulb. Buggy makers fought like hell against railroads. On and on, all in the name of saving jobs. Yet miraculously the GDP grows every year.

    • Kaitlin says:

      AJ — I agree, the ad campaign is brilliant, but in a horrible way. I feel as though it’s a complete lie and a way to manipulate customers, particularly now with their new green and brown logos. It just makes me mad.

      I understand your point of progress and I agree that life goes on, but one business that usurps all of the others and replaces them with poorer jobs that don’t truly help our economy is a different story. It’s an endless debate, of course. Thanks for commenting!

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