Save Money, Live Better.

I have a new Wal-Mart pet peeve that I’ve been meaning to mention for a while: the new commercials. I am referring to the commericals that tout “Save Money, Live Better” and no longer feature the annoying smiley face kicking down price signs. Now it has a pretty yellow flower on a softer blue background. (Granted, this is also because Wal-Mart failed to trademark the smiley face).  Instead, customers are talking about how Wal-Mart helps them save money and time, which then equates to more family time and a better quality of life.  There is even a Save Money, Live Better website. Apparently, this has been a campaign for a while now and I’ve somehow missed all of the commercials. But, blogs and news articles are talking about this campaign as Wal-Mart’s mid-life crisis and Wal-Marts attempt to change its image (which is quite often associated with the closing of local businesses).

Wal-Mart's infamous smiley face.

Wal-Mart's infamous smiley face.


The new Wal-Mart logo and catch phrase. Note that it is also now "Walmart" not "Wal-Mart".

These commercials are a brilliant ad campaign that drive me mad!  I can’t even watch the commercials without snarling at the television. Wal-Mart is still Wal-Mart, and everyone knows that. But, advertising is a powerful business and that is why the commercials make me so mad. I’m afraid that more people will shop at Wal-Mart because of these commercials, or they will no longer feel bad about shopping at Wal-Mart. Maybe someday Wal-Mart will change, but I wouldn’t bet anything on it. For now, they are changing their image. But, an image is only a facade.  I have a feeling I’ll despise these commercials for a long time.

Is anyone else bothered by this campaign?

“Save money. Live better”? Or not.