Nazareth Foundry

Nazareth Foundry & Machine Co.

Nazareth Foundry & Machine Co.

Historic documents are always entertaining, but moreso if they relate to your own family. The advertisment above and the photograph below lie in the O’Shea family documents amongst many other pictures (some subjects identified, some not) and documents and graduation programs, etc.   I love these two documents in particular, but I know very little about the Nazareth Foundry & Machine Co., which is connected to my family history.  I believe “Ed” who signed the photograph is my paternal great-grandfather.

If you have heard of it or know of Nazareth, PA, please let me know. Or if you have any advice for researching it, send it along. Thanks!

"Annie, How do you like it? Come out & see us sometime. Ed"

"Annie, How do you like it? Come out & see us sometime. Ed"


3 thoughts on “Nazareth Foundry

  1. Kristi Chase says:

    Hey Kaitlin,
    Nazareth is not far from me since I live in the Lehigh Valley area. I would most likely contact the Northampton Historical Society in Easton, PA. It’s not far from the PA/NJ border. They would have info on that and maybe some cool pictures! Here is their link ( This area had a lot of foundries for iron ore. You could also check out Bethlehem Steel. Hope this helps!

  2. Rachel says:

    I live in one of those buildings. The old plant was converted into apartments and I currently live there. Of course some buildings were knocked down I believe just by looking at the picture that is what it looks like to me. Do you have any other history on the Nazareth Machine and Foundry?

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