Happy Birthday to Vinny!  Without Vinny, Preservation in Pink would look like it had just started.  He designs and redesigns the blog header, images for the magnets, postcards, and tshirts, and keeps everything looking sharp. (That font isn’t something you can find just anywhere). And, of course, there’s that whole thing about encouraging flamingo habits and letting me plan really long road trips.

Happy Birthday to Irene! We all miss you over here in the U.S. but hope you are having a blast in England, school and all. Your sense is humor needs to be shared. =)

A belated Happy Birthday (Sunday the 26th) to Amy, so far away in Scotland.  Amy, also like Irene, has a contagious sense of humor. (Your Mary Wash girls miss you dearly).

Another belated Happy Birthday (Monday the 27th) to my sister Sarah, who is studying Conservation & Wildlife Management at Delaware Valley College.  I’m looking forward to the point in the future when our fields cross more than we expected. Right now, it’s on the environmentalism side.

Have a fabulous day!

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