The National Trust + Facebook Marketplace

Everyone and everything seems to be on Facebook these days, including the National Trust for Historic Preservation. Facebook has surpassed its competitors in terms of online networking, fan pages, and now there is a Facebook Marketplace. The marketplace allows users to post items for sale, jobs, housing, wanted, and other.  Facebook’s latest initiative is “Celebrities Selling for a Cause”. 

The celebrity supporting the preservation world is actress Jennifer Coolidge, who is selling a dress she wore in Legally Blonde. The proceeds from the sale will be donated to the National Trust.  Want to join in the efforts? You can sell your unwanted possessions as well and have the money go towards the National Trust or you can buy an item that supports the National Trust.

For more information see this blog post by Sarah Heffern at PreservationNation (the National Trust blog) and visit the National Trust Facebook page and the Facebook Marketplace. As always, every little bit of fundraising adds up to make a big difference.

Coincidentally, it happens to be time for spring cleaning!  A clean house and good karma and a successful preservation world – what more could you want?! Let us know what you’re selling.