You have most likely played bingo at some point in your life, the typical number bingo in an elementary school cafeteria or perhaps you were one of the lucky kids to have auto bingo cards.  My sisters and I had yellow auto bingo cardboard cards with red sliding covers for each object (telephone wire, stop sign, train, truck, etc.)  Now you can search for “auto bingo” or “travel bingo” and find a wide variety of bingo cards.

Have you ever played architectural bingo?  Greater Portland Landmarks of Portland, Maine has developed architectural bingo with suggestions on how to play outside or even online. It is a great, fun, easy way to practice your architectural terms and identification skills.  On the website Greater Portland Landmarks helps out bingo players with a glossary and offers a printable pdf card with directions for playing. Of course, you can always make up your own rules. This is great for kids or students of any age. Download the card here. Who wants to play?!



Have fun! If you feel creative and want to make your own regionally based architectural bingo card, send it to Preservation in Pink.

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