Appearance Update

Preservation in Pink readers,

In honor of the looming mark of 10,000 (!!) hits on this blog, I am planning to change the look of this blog, hopefully making it more reader friendly and appealing. So if you come here and everything is looking a bit out of place, don’t be alarmed. But please do let me know if there are certain things you would like to see or wouldn’t like to see anymore. What do you think would help with organization, etc? I’ll begin layout changes this week or so.



One thought on “Appearance Update

  1. ELMalvaney says:

    I’m excited to see what you come up with, Kaitlin! I was looking at another theme for mine, a wider format so that there wouldn’t be as much scrolling to see a post, but a friend of mine who knows more about graphic design than I do said she didn’t like it as much–said it was “too busy.” So I changed back, and that’s that for now. Even though I know a few things about computer code, I know nothing about CSS or HTML, so for now I’m sticking with the out-of-the-box WordPress themes.

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