Architect Studio 3D

Architects and preservationists may have different philosophies, academic programs, and professional endeavors, but it seems that we cross paths very often, especially with the amount of architects gaining interest in the preservation field.  To me, it seems easier for an architect to enter the preservation field vs. a preservationist becoming an architect. And even though I do not harbor any desires to be an architect, I would like to understand how an architect thinks. 

As a first step, I rediscovered* Architect Studio 3D, an interactive online exhibit / classroom that provides the basic concepts of architecture such as understanding what a clients need and how to fill those needs. After reading about architecture, you choose your client, and then design your own house and come up with other architectural solutions. It is a lot of fun. The website is targeted for students in 7th – 12th grade, but I think it benefits anyone who is interested. Do not be intimidated – you need no prior architectural experience.

This program is a part of the Frank Lloyd Wright Preservation Trust. On this site you can also learn about Frank Lloyd Wright, who happens to be your guide through the architecture gallery and design studio. Enjoy!

*Thank you to whoever first introduced me to this website (Kerry? Maria?).