The Preservation Job Hunt

Recently, many people have found their way to Preservation in Pink while searching for historic preservation jobs or something to that effect.  They find their way to this post, Historic Preservation Job Search, which is my own experience and advice for job hunting, as well as some resources for job hunting.  Since it’s the time of year when students are intensifying their job and internship searches, I thought I’d include a few new sites for jobs.  A lot of these can be find through the academic department sites. And if you have any advice, please, feel free to share. Everyone has a different experience looking for jobs. With the state of economy, we can all use the advice.

Historic & Cultural Preservation Job Resource – a partner of PreservationDirectory.

National Trust for Historic Preservation Current Openings

Global Museums – there is a page for jobs in the USA, outside of the USA, and internships

Archaeology Fieldwork or ShovelBums

Higher Ed Jobs

Job Link: Historic Preservation & Public History Employment Site (its own collection of job sites)


I’m not an expert on job hunting, but I tend to assume that people know about these sites and then I find out that they do not.  So hopefully have them collected will help anyone who needs it.


Book Club Update

Books are on my mind today.

So far, I have heard from Andrew D, Elyse G, Amy M, and Missy C regarding interest in the book club. We’ll give it a little while longer before “starting” so keep thinking!

Details still to follow.