Newsletter Page Update

A short update. The “Newsletter” page is now updated to reflect the most recent issue of PiP, meaning if you are looking for the December 2008 issue, it will not be lost among old posts. Simply use the menu at the top of the page. Enjoy!

Thank you to everyone who has sent in feedback and thank you to everyone who has read this issue, and shared it with others!  This is a long ways away, but the next issue will be June 2009. So if you are thinking of contributing but worry about deadlines, have no fear. You have six months.

As Ali Ross would say, “Keep up the dream!”


White Christmas

Every year of my life, I dream of a white Christmas.  Every time I wished on a star during the holiday season, I would wish for a white Christmas. Snow may not be as important to some, and I know in many of parts of the world, people never see snow and have never seen snow on Christmas, but I’ll keep wishing nonetheless. Blame it on the Christmas songs, movies, images, and the classic ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas poem. Snow is a part of my Christmas tradition, even though part of that may always be wishful thinking.

Sadly, this year it will not snow on Christmas.  I haven’t seen snow in December (while I’ve been in New York) for the past four years.  However, to my delight, when Vinny and I arrived on Long Island on Saturday, there were already five inches of snow on the ground! And it kept snowing! In fact, days later, the ground is still covered in white (until it rains tomorrow).  Saturday night, my sisters and I ran around in the snow and jumped off swings for hours. That particular sister adventure has become one of my favorite Christmas memories, even if the snowy present arrived a few days ahead of schedule. I think it can count as a white Christmas.

Of course, as per my tradition, I will still wish for snow on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, regardless of the weather forecast. Traditions may be rooted in generations or they may be personal, but they are all important. May you enjoy your favorite traditions this Christmas – historical or new.