December 2008 Issue

I am proud to announce that the December 2008 issue of Preservation in Pink is now available!

Details: It is a 5MB pdf document, so if you have a high speed internet connection, it should  not take long to open. Notes on viewing:  (1) It requires Adobe Reader, available as a free download here. (2) To view it as you would a print publication, go to the “view” tab on Adobe Reader and click Page Display. Then choose “Two-up.” Then also choose “Show cover page during two-up”.  Of course, you are free to print and share Preservation in Pink with anyone.

Click for the December 2008 issue: pip-december-2008.

As always, comments and critiques are greatly appreciated. What do you like? What would you like to see? What do you dislike?  Thank you to all of the contributors! Enjoy!


p.s. for now, this document will only open in another browser window, not Adobe Reader. I’ll keep you posted. You can print the document, however. I will soon send an email with the pdf document. If you are not on the email list or would like one in the future, please let me know.