The Big Duck

Home on Long Island and to celebrate, I’m sharing one of my favorite pieces of roadside architecture: The Big Duck. The site has information about the Long Island duck farms, but scroll down to see the story of the actual big duck in Flanders. The duck has been in several locations on Long Island including Sears Bellows State Park in Hampton Bays, Riverhead, and Flanders. In May 2007, the duck finally returned home to Flanders – see this New York Times blog post.

I remember The Big Duck throughout much of my life. When I was a kid my parents bought me an American flag kite from the duck, which I kept for years. I’ve seen it in Hampton Bays and in Flanders, most recently a few years ago.

Kaitlin at the Big Duck, summer 2005

Kaitlin at the Big Duck, summer 2005

Even Long Island has its good points, I suppose. Who couldn’t love some roadside architecture in duck form?  It’s possibly the reason that we have pet ducks at my parents’ house (that and the movie Fly Away Home.) Happy travels!

p.s. Happy Birthday to my sister, Erin, who sometimes reads Preservation in Pink.