Inspired by an idea from Missy, in this next issue of Preservation in Pink, there will be a confessions column.  What are the anti-preservation habits that you have? What do you talk about, but just can’t seem to do yourself? 

Please send an email to with your confession. Whether it’s shopping or eating at chain stores or not agreeing with a certain preservation theory or wanting to live in new house…anything goes.

I’m not sure of the exact format yet, so for now please do not leave comments – just send an email.  No articles required, just a few words about your anti-preservation habits.


Hot Springs

Norfolk-Southern tracks in Hot Springs, NC

Norfolk-Southern tracks in Hot Springs, NC

I love trains and railroad tracks. Can’t you just imagine walking forever on them?  How many stories do you know involve a train? It’s the gateway to the American west.  Historic preservation involving trains and the railroad tracks and beds, once the tracks are removed, are important part of transportation history. 



Does anyone know what the “179” could mean? It’s a number significant to me, which is why I took the picture, but don’t know what it means otherwise. A mile marker on the train? A station number?

If you have never read of the Rails to Trails program, check it out. It’s an excellent way to rehabilitate former rail lines to usable, environmentally friendly space while preserving the actual space, vistas, and impressions. 


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