More on the 2008 Election & Preservation

Often a noteworthy comment goes unnoticed because not everyone is able to take time to read comments.  Missy Celii provided valuable insight to the post 2008 Election & Historic Preservation, which asked the question about the difference between Democrat & Republican views and practices of historic preservation.  Instead of leaving it hiding in the comments, I’m posting it here for all to read.

One difference is entitlement programs like CDBG/HOME. A lot of these funds are used by local governments and non-profits for housing rehabs, especially for the purpose of neighborhood stabilization. You know, the historic neighborhoods that every town or city has. The places where the average and minorities have historically and continually dwell, but that may today be facing problems like blight or gentrification. Obama would continue to make these funds available (which do a lot more than just rehab or preservation), while McCain plans to cut such funding.

One other difference, while a stretch concerns our world heritage. When foreign policy begins with diplomacy, there is the possibility that war and fighting can be prevented. Not only could this help preserve human life, but also human history. It pains me to think of what artifacts have been lost in Iraq and the Middle East, as well as wonder if it was a necessary loss.

-Missy Celii