2008 Election & Historic Preservation

November 4, 2008 is quickly approaching and I’m surprisingly interested and excited, unlike previous election years.  Once I accepted that politicians are politicians and it’s possibly a bunch of campaign promises, I’ve enjoyed watching debates and reading articles. 

This post is not about political opinions, just to clarify.  However, I deem myself far under qualified to discuss politics associated with historic preservation.  Therefore, I ask all of you readers for comments or a post answering the following questions.  What can you say about the future of the historic preservation field (and those related) after the next election?  What will happen if Obama becomes President? What will happen if McCain becomes President?  Can anyone offer an educated comparison?  Or what about historic preservation in terms of local and state elections – in the end, which of the elections will matter the most to historic preservation? There are so many factors to consider when voting. I won’t belabor them here, but I am curious to know which factors people consider when thinking about their lines of work.

Here are some articles for perusal if anyone is interested in responding to this post.  On the democratic side, I found Historic Preservation for Obama (HPfO), which is “a grassroots network of those in the historic preservation and rehabilitation communities, was formed to help realize this blueprint for America.”  I cannot find a similar site for John McCain. However, First Lady Laura Bush is the chairwoman of Preserve America, so that gives the Republican side a boost.  Will Cindy McCain take over Laura Bush’s role if given the chance?

Maybe this Democrat vs. Republican on the issue of historic preservation is actually quite simple.  Still, if someone could offer an educated political commentary, Preservation in Pink would very much appreciate it. Just no mudslinging, okay?