Neon in Omaha

Did you know that Omaha, Nebraska has a large collection of still functioning neon signs throughout its older business districts?  Probably not, since most of us out here on the east coast don’t think of Omaha, Nebraska (unless you’re like me & dream of random places such as Omaha.)  I haven’t talked much about my experiences in Omaha, but today I want to share some of the neon signs that I photographed one night while on a specific neon tour.  Enjoy!  We began with dinner at the famed Bohemian Cafe, one that the Gary Stanton family recommended I visit while living in Omaha.  We traversed the city, snapping photos in almost perfect light.  I learned that many more neon signs existed in Omaha, but like many things, people grew tired of them. 

Bohemian Cafe in Omaha, NE

Piccolo's with the Dancing Neon Sign
Piccolo’s had a dancing neon sign. Robert’s Milk Company had a sparkling neon sign.  Clearly, that last one just wants attention.  A seat cover center with a neon sign? Hysterical.
In case you haven’t guessed, Wednesday, our middle of the week, has become travel day here at Preservation in Pink.  I’ll showcase random places and photographs – inlcuding yours if you send me some, even one! 

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