Roadside Architecture Lovers

For anyone who is a member for the Society for Commerical Archeology, you probably wish you were going to this conference: Preserving the Historic Road, 1998-2008.  I wish I were. I mean, I even love the conference postcard. New Mexico, Route 66, neon, sessions on how to preserve the roads and incorporate them into modern times.  What could be better?  Alas, I am not going. But, if anyone is, I would greatly appreciate a recap of the conference – photographs, notes, anything!  And if you are going, have a great time!

Just reading about this conference is enough to fuel my need (yes, need) for a southwestern road trip. Stay tuned!

One thought on “Roadside Architecture Lovers

  1. Scott Piotrowski says:

    I’ve been to previous conferences in Omaha, Portland OR, and Boston, but unfortunately will miss this one. The increased costs involved (travel itself, plus an exorbitant registration charge) prevent those who do not have government backing from being able to afford this great conference. I will sorely miss this year’s event and encourage anyone active in the preservation of roadside architecture or any DOT person interested in historic roads preservation to attend this year’s event or the 2010 event.

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