Call for next issue!

Calling all Preservationists:

For next issue of Preservation in Pink Рpublication date: June/July 2008. DEALINE FOR ARTICLES: MEMORIAL DAY (May 26, 2008)!

Of course all articles accepted for submission, but also:

How do you live as a preservationist?

Are you an architectural historian, an environmentalist etc?  Does your
training influence the rest of your life? Do you buy “green” or organic
products? Do you avoid big box stores? Do you often have to explain
preservation to people? Will you only live certain places for “quality
of life” reasons that you can actually pinpoint, rather than have then
subconsciously affect your decisions? What does being a preservationist
mean to you and how does it affect your daily life?

Editorials, features, letters to the editor, book reviews, photographs,
send them in!

Submissions and questions to: or (it will eventually look good)